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Move over ASOS, there’s a new awesome-r online store in town!

Colette, situated at rue Saint-Honore in Paris, deals in high fashion designer wear, quirky home ornaments and desirable hi-tech goods in addition to critically-acclaimed collaborations with the likes of Terry Richardson, Chevignon, Tommy Hilfiger and Casio.

This exclusive Diana+ is covered in colette blue dots, which adds a charming retro feel to the plastic camera (90 Euros)

Cute enough to almost (huge almost) make me want to pick up smoking (15 Euros)

I don't really dig this collaboration (probably due to the bespectacled chimp) but apparently it is a big deal, so yeah (250 Euros)

This sponge makes me want to shower real bad, which is a mean feat indeed (8 Euros)

Since Impossible Project only ships films to our part of the world, why not get a Paul Giambarba edition Polaroid from colette instead? Besides, I'm sure The Click Shop won't mind (150 Euros)

This book by the renowned visual communication expert displays the key visual differences between the two fabled cities (12.90 Euros)

This classic helmet, in colette colours no less, would be perfect for your Vespa, if you had a Vespa (600 Euros)

As we are shopping outside Europe, we are exempted from paying the VAT tax, which results in a 20% deduction for the item of your choice.

Unfortunately, what we save on the VAT comes back to haunt us in the shape of shipping fees, which amounts to 25 Euros for deliveries to Asia. However, if you can afford such expenditure, why not invest in some Gallic charm?

While I must admit that most of colette’s items are whimsical and unnecessary as well as ludicrously priced, especially in this wretched economic climate, you can’t help but wonder at the wide array of visual eye candy that lies within this gorgeous website.