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First of all, Definitely, Maybe is nowhere close to How I Met Your Mother in terms of entertainment value. There, I said it! Before we get all controversial and violent, Definitely, Maybe is a 2008 movie starring Ryan Reynolds of Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place (God, I miss that show) fame who tells her daughter, played by the ever-impressive Abigail Breslin about his three major girlfriends, each portrayed by Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz, and Elizabeth Banks following his divorce. The twist, the daughter has no idea which girlfriend ends up marrying her father! Sick right?

First of all, I do not like Reynold’s character Will, who is meek, wooden, and uninteresting throughout the 1 hour 52 minute flick. And he manages to get lucky with not one, but THREE women of considerable beauty (of course Weisz is the hottest). That is like SO unfair, but he manages to mess up all three relationships, so yes, he is a jackass.

I mean, the only shining light in this middle of the road movie is Abigail Breslin, who manages to inject warmth and emotion into a rather flat storyline. The second shining light has to be Rachel Weisz, who I must say, totally sizzles as Summer/Natasha the struggling writer a.k.a. girlfriend number two.

OK fine, Isla Fisher does a commendable job as always-best friend April, but I did not really care at the end about the outcome of Will’s romantic life. It was a come-on-get-it-over-with-and-tell-us kinda thing.

Which is why I bring you now towards the corner of CBS hit series How I Met Your Mother, starring Josh Radnor as the desperate for marriage Ted Mosby a.k.a. the hero. As opposed to Definitely, Maybe, I seriously do not want to know who the mother is cause I am well-aware that once the producers reveal the mother, then the whole dynamics of this insanely funny series will be as good as gone. Remember Prison Break? Like how many seasons will they finally clear their name and get out of prison at the same time without leaving anyone behind!?

And one thing lacking in Definitely, Maybe was the co-stars as How I Met Your Mother has an embarrassing abundance of them in the superb Neil Patrick Harris as playboy Barney, Jason Segel as best friend Marshall, Alysson Hannigan as Marshall’s wife Lilly, and Cobie Smulders as crush-turned-girlfriend-turned-perennial-friend Robin.

You just cannot deny the fact that HIMYM is a terrifically phenomenal show which gets you laughing ever single time without fail no matter how many times you rewatch it. I mean, the quotable quotes on that show is absolutely endless!

Definitely, Maybe, on the other hand, pales considerably in comparison, so if you must, do not compare the two shows or you just might get bummed out at the end.