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Yeah I thought I would revive this part of my blog, you know, just for kicks.

Recently, as the few of you who have read my The Wknd article, I have been looking for a new pair of headphones to complement my Meelectronics M9Ps I got last year.

After an extensive bout of research (and I do mean extensive; Amazon and Head-Fi have become my most viewed websites for the past couple of months) as well as countless back and forths on which pair I would opt for, I eventually went for the Aiaiai (apparently pronounced aye aye aye captain!) Tracks.

Aesthetically, I was really drawn to the pop art colours of the Tracks (maybe I can match the Tracks with this CMYK Diana) as well as the minimalist retro design, which is modelled after the old Sony Walkman headphones of the 80’s.

The headphones are still going through a burning in process, so while I can’t really judge the sound quality as of yet, I have been pretty impressed by the bass and clarity so far, which is a step up from my previous earphones.

Truth be told, I really wanted a pair of full-sized headphones, and the Shure SRH440 was momentarily top of my list (albeit above my budget) until I actually tried it on at Stereo Plaza Singapura. Too bad full-sized headphones were definitely not designed with bespectacled people in mind; I seriously thought my specs were gonna crush my face and nose.

Don’t get me wrong, the 440s sounded phenomenal, but until I get a new pair of eyes (or laser eye surgery), I am perfectly content with the Tracks, and boy are they comfortable, light, and portable. I was about to go to a shop at Excelsior to check out the highly-rated Superlux HD668B too, but after I found an Epicentre at Somerset that sold the Tracks for SGD70 (they actually hiked up the price to SGD140 and claimed a 50% discount when the RRP in Singapore for the Tracks is SGD99), I was sold.

Sure the Danish company is relatively new to the ballgame, but if I had money, I would probably go for their TMA-1’s.

Apparently they sound fantastic (judging from the glowing endorsements on Head-Fi and CNet), I haven’t really seen them in stores yet, but the design is immaculate, clean and simple. If only I had two Benjamins, I would have them ship from Denmark right away, but that’s a story for another day (when I have a money tree).

What about the M9Ps you might ask (though I doubt it, but I will answer anyway)? I added some Comply Foams to bolster the noise isolation, and like advertised, the Foams really do improve on that aspect. My only gripe is the left sided Foams are pretty loose (the right sided ones fit very snugly), so I have a sinking suspicion that my ear holes vary in size.

Oh well, at least those uneven ear holes will have new headphones to pamper them with Ai?

PS: Aren’t Aiaiai gonna sue Sol Republic for having headphones dubbed “Tracks” too?