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First of all, all my photos are missing in this blog, but oh well, you win some and lose a lot.

Secondly, a big hand for Novak Djokovic, who overcame Rafa Nadal in four sets to lift his first US Open title. Three Grand Slams in a single season is quite the achievement for the world number one, who remains unbeaten in six finals against the number two ranked Spaniard this season. Sadly, I could only make it for his victory speech when I got into the office this morning, and well I missed that too cause I had to work, the perks of working at ESPN STAR Sports does not really translate to being able to watch the sports on the job.

I did wake up early enough to have been able to (maybe) catch the closing set at work, but well, at 6 in the morning, I decided to watch the very last ever episode of Entourage. My verdict: underwhelming to say the least.

But hey, Entourage has gone off the boil ever since the hugely entertaining Medellin/Billy Walsh arc back in…what! That was season four!? That said however, if one show can put a smile on my side (aside from FRIENDS, Community, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The Simpsons, The Inbetweeners, Parks and Recreation, etc), it is Entourage.

The series finale was on lovey dovey happy from start to finish, and in order to tie up all the loose ends, all the dominos fell conveniently to the side of Vince’s friends. Sloane magically does not really care about Eric sleeping (multiple) times with her ex step mother; Mrs Ari, whose name is finally revealed as Melissa, goes back to Ari after he quits (was I the only one who rooted for Dana and Ari to be together?) while Vince himself is getting hitched with Sophia? And that’s all for Drama and Turtle? A Made-for-TV movie and a few million bucks? Short end of the straw people!

A lot of things to put together in less than a half hour, but Doug Ellin and his crew managed to pull it off, not in typical Queens swagger like some of the more fulfilling Entourage season finales but enough to appease the show’s fans. A snippet at the end of the credits points to a movie follow up; either that or Ari Gold is getting his own spin off.

Entourage has been like a bro to me since I first picked up that series in the beginning of 2009 after a horrific breakup, and all I can say is despite some questionable plot and storyline decisions, I am looking forward, with my fingers crossed, for the movie follow-up in the near future =)

And now, back to work *snore*