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Great writers are able to weave two distinctively separate ideas into one seamless epoch.

Well, I am gonna write this one blog post based on two different ideas, not because I can, but because I can save myself from doing another post in the near future.

So yes, Grey’s Anatomy’s musical special episode a couple of weeks back was causing a myriad of buzz on the twittersphere. As a one time fan of the Emmy Award-winning drama and generally curious individual, I decided to give that episode a try even though I have not watched a Grey’s episode since season 4.

A fortnight ago, Time Out KL was kind enough to give me two tickets to the Indicinelive! Episode 3 premier last Wednesday at KLPac. For the less read, Indicinelive! is a live comedy/satire/parody sketch performance which is currently showing at Indicine, KLPac.

So what does a TV show about doctors sleeping together and saving lives in a hospital have to do with a live show about Malaysians banding together and making fun of each other?

Well, it really doesn’t, I just happened to watch Grey’s Anatomy before I attended Indicinelive! with Nina. Oh but both shows do have an abundance of musical numbers, one being laughable and one being laugh-worthy. Read on to find out!

One thing I learned from the Grey’s musical event is that Sara Ramirez, who plays Dr. Callie Torres, and to a certain extent Chandra Wilson, who is Bailey ‘the Nazi’, can really sing. The rest, however, shouldn’t quit their day jobs. Most of the songs from the episode sound very familiar, because most of the songs from the episode which are sung by the cast are actually songs from the show’s soundtracks through the years. Obviously, The Fray’s ‘How To Save A Life’ was a shoo-in for that episode (and any surgery scene I might add).

The episode was actually going well until Callie started singing Bollywood-style with the corridor spinning around her. The producers tried to let the music develop the story, but the problem with that approach is that nearly all the scenes were dominated by background singing and music, and in a show about neurological (and what other) jargons, we need to hear the doctors speak (without going into song everytime)!

Meanwhile, I arrived at Indicinelive! waiting to be pleasantly surprised, and I was! The last time I watched a local comedy performance was in 2007, when I laughed myself silly watching Broadway Parodies Lah at Actors Studio in Bangsar Shopping Centre (those were the days). The same winning formula was used in Indicinelive!, namely a lovable cast, a Malaysian setting, and some infectious songs!

I mean, Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ was used for the skit on Mat Rempits; Gaga and Beyonce’s ‘Telephone’ totally dissed Streamyx’s woeful service, and those are just the tips of the proverbial iceberg.

However, I would have loved the music to be slightly softer though, cause I failed to catch a few verses when the actors were slightly further away from me with the bass booming. That slight glitch aside, the memorable characters from Indicinelive! will leave you with an evening full of laughs and deep contemplation!

As for Grey’s Anatomy’s musical special? Don’t bother, get the soundtrack, listen to the original (read: real) singers.

PS: Indicine is pronounced In-Dee-Sini. Don’t worry, you are not the only one to have mispronounced it. No shame!