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So yes, after an epiphany riding on the bus home one day, I have decided to start a new section on my blog called ‘If I Had Money, I Would Buy’.

You see, I am the kind of guy who goes through online shops and fashion portals every day to look at clothes I cannot possibly get due to the fact that I really do not wanna make my two retired parents bankrupt. Then I thought to myself, what if I just post stuff I want but can’t get on this blog for people who actually have the envious gift of money to afford such luxurious and live my life through them!

Anybody who has suggestions or who actually bought the thing in question can comment if you like, it will make my life easier when I hunt you down and steal all your stuff, but I digress (as long as you’re a XS, a 28, and a size 9).

I also admit that with this venture, my ban on photos in this blog, which began with the failings of imageshack as my ill-fated hoster, must be lifted. So here goes part one:

Tadah! Introducing the Sperry Deck Shoe in all its gorgeousness!

I have a pair of deck shoes that are simply a delight to wear, which makes the purchase of these Sperrys absolutely redundant, but if you are after a rugged, pseudo-hobo, and carefree look, roll up your chinos (I assume you have one cause I don’t) and bag this pair of faded washed canvas beauties for USD80 (location: go research, it is half the fun).