Sorry I have not been very frequent with my blog updates lately, but I assure you my excuse is more than justified. See, I’ve been playing with my new toy – my 13 inch Macbook Pro early 2011 (cue drum roll and gasps of envy and lust)!

Let’s see, what can I say about this gorgeous machine that hasn’t been said already?

The latest refresh of the Macbook Pro looks exactly the same as its predecessor; same looks, same design, just as sleek. Armed with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors, the new 13 incher is blazing fast, plain and simple as that.

Granted, I will leave the benchmarks and tests to the good people at Engadget and PCMag, so I will just go on the record, as a layman, to say that this machine has taken anything I have thrown at it with grace and a certain level of panache. From opening countless tabs on Firefox to switching between Adobe InDesign and Aperture, the Pro has displayed the endurance of a marathon veteran and the speed of a sprinter.

Can’t say much about Thunderbolt aka Lightpeak aka the next big thing in connectivity, and the trackpad as well as back-lit keyboard are as impressive as ever. The Mac App Store is fantastic for supplementing your Mac with a game or a million as well as utilities and productivity applications. So far, the Twitter app for Mac is lightning quick if buggy when it comes to updates for Tweets, whilst anyone familiar with Evernote on iOS will find the Mac equivalent very useful indeed. In addition, Stuffit Expander is also a must-have for unzipping and archiving files on the Mac.

Battery life so far is awesome; I can actually get around the advertised seven hours of light browsing, word processing, and occasional heavy usage of Adobe programmes, light years ahead of my old Dell 1525, which could barely last an hour before fatigued-induced combustion.

Enough of the good stuff, so what about the bad? Well, USB ports are still at a premium; only two when my three year Dell model had four. The screen’s glare when I watch my TV shows and movies is awfully annoying; while I am not saying that Apple should have shipped the Pro with an anti-glare display, a BTO option would have been nice Steve. A more affordable SSD option for the Pro would have been awesome too; in the end, I was priced out of a more durable and faster (in terms of transferring files) albeit highly more expensive 128 GB SSD. Also, the 13 inch Pro is not something you wanna hold with just one hand (unless you are mightily strong); like last year’s model, the Pro still weighs around 2 kgs, pretty hefty though it still feels more substantial and solid than let’s say an Air or an Envy.

Overall, I am pretty much in love with this machine. Snow Leopard’s elegant interface and the Pro’s blindingly fast performance makes my old Dell Windows machine look like it was from the stone age. Migrating from Windows to Mac OS X was a breeze, and I still catch myself staring or sneaking glances at the immensely beautiful Pro inadvertently. The announcement of Mac products always stir up the age-old Windows vs Mac OS debates, but all I can say is that both systems have their appeal.

The entry level Pros have never been cheaper, but if you are willing to wait (or have a perfectly working laptop), you will be rewarded with the highly-anticipated Lion OS X and a beefed up Macbook Air in the summer as well as a rumoured complete Mac redesign in 2012. If your laptop is creaking (like mine was) and your thirst for the Mac experience can no longer be clenched, then my friend, it is time to Mac up.