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I meant to blog about this earlier, I swear, but hey even Zooey Deschanel has to wait.

I finally watched (500) Days of Summer, my most anticipated movie of the year, with Nina at Sunway Pyramid last Saturday.

Heck, I even gotta watch it for free, thanks to Time Out KL’s Free Flicks initiative. But I also gotta thank Michelle for telling me about the Free Flicks. So in all actuality, Michelle is the one who should be thanked.

With all the thanking outta the way, I wanna dedicate this post to a friendly foe called Expectation.

I expected great things from (500) Days of Summer; the Marc Webb film had everything I could ask for, Zooey Deschanel among others, references to The Smiths, and a top-notch premise. Hell, any movie with nearly 30 seconds invested in Belle and Sebastian talk be spell-bindingly awesome.

Please don’t get me wrong, (500) Days of Summer, also starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is a magnificent romantic-comedy, probably one of the best in the genre if not the most realistic, but thanks to Expectation, I already knew that the movie would blow my mind away before I even stepped foot into the cinema.

Expectation plays an influential role in (500) Days of Summer as well as life in general. If you go into this film expecting a The Proposal-esque generic Hollywood romantic fare a la The Ugly Truth, you’d be treated instead to a quirky and honest portrayal of relationships and the conundrum of Love and Fate and all that jazz. Tom (Gordon-Levitt) falls for Summer (Deschanel) who does not really feel the same way but goes for the ride nonetheless, which kinda spells disaster from the start. Their story is every love story which should have been told but isn’t. Their story is The Ugly Truth that nobody wants to hear.

In probably the most iconic scene of the Cannes Film Festival hit, Tom goes to Summer’s apartment hoping to reconcile with the girl of his dreams. The portrayal of Expectation and Reality is displayed through a nifty split screen with Tom expecting to get back together with Summer on one side and the reality check of that never happening on the other.

I guess life is all about keeping your feet on the ground when it comes to Expectations because when your Expectations go askew, all your have to face is a Reality check, and frankly, when Reality comes knocking on your door, you better be prepared to breathe in and smile.

PS: We even got a free movie poster which is now hanging proudly in the living room. Woots!

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