Michelle told me that I had blogged a lot less since she moved in with Akil and I, and who am I to deny statistics? According to the numbers, I have only posted four times since the start of August.

What have I been doing you ask?

I have gone for a karaoke session and an ayam penyet slash slumber slash selamba party, passed up a few assignments here and there. I swear to God that Facebook is making blogging more difficult since all the updates, photos, and videos are all there anyway. *ehem excuses*

I know this blog is in danger of morphing into a TV Guide, but I absolutely have to rave about Skins!

Again, a little late on my part I have to admit, but like the old over-used cliche goes, better late than never. *ehem excuses*

Branding Skins the British equivalent of the O.C. would be convenient if not off-base as Skins is more than just a show about British teenagers who are always high on pot, sex, parties, and scandals.

One key element of the show is how effortlessly funny it is. The whole cast, all eight best friends of them, share a camaraderie so synonymous with the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. family. You believe them, you really do.

There are the usual stereotypical identities in the group dynamic – the sociopath alpha-male (Tony), the pretty popular girl (Michelle), the loser (Sid), the gay dancer (Maxie), the un-Muslim Muslim (Anwar), the stoner (Chris), the serious prim proper one (Jal), and the off-center whack (Cassie), but there is more than meets the eye with these personas. Sure, TV blows these characters out of proportion with dramatic effects mind, but I cannot help loving this show which has been my guilty pleasure for the past couple of weeks.

My favourite part of the first generation has to be the Season One finale where the ensemble cast sing Cat Steven’s ‘Wild World’ in a music video-esque story block.

I was really surprised when I realised that this cast would only be around for two seasons as the whole cast except for Tony’s mysterious scary beautiful sister Effie would not be returning for season three.

After watching the premier of Season Three, I am still a little bit hung up over the First Generation. The script is not as funny as the predecessor which was witty and sarcastic; the characters are not as memorable (yet), but I am ready to be surprised.

I really miss the First Generation; Sid’s blur demeanour and Anwar’s blasphemous antics, each funnier than the last.

That said however, I am all set for an Effy-ing good time with the Second Generation.

PS: I love how the last seconds of the opening theme montage shows the character in focus for the episode, pumps me up whenever it is Anwar, Sid, Maxie, Chris, Freddie or Naomi.