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The School of Communication at Taylors College cancelled this week’s worth of classes after three students and a lecturer were confirmed to have been infected with H1N1; all good and dandy, except I had already decided to self-quarantine myself this week anyway.

I have not set foot outside my home for more than a week now, doing my civic duty as a Samaritan citizen by not infecting others with my apparent sickness (I am actually more worried about others infecting me). So what exactly have I been doing?

Having a Weeds marathon of course.

I only came across this critically-acclaimed Showtime comedy series early this month which is kinda slow considering this award-winning show has been around since 2005, but I just finished three seasons yesterday, so I am not that far behind (season five is airing on US shores now).

Weeds, starring Mary-Louise Parker as widow Nancy Botwin who sells marijuana for a living in a suburban town, is one of the funniest and most outrageously original stories on TV. The series has unfortunately gone off the boil since the first season, but every episode is still interesting and laugh-worthy with so many impressive cast and cameos, none more so than Zooey Deschanel’s four-episode appearance where she played a whacky and probably crazy stoned hippie at the latter end of season two.

In tune with my past year’s movie rewinds of Risky Business, The Breakfast Club, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Monty Python and the Life of Brian, Sixteen Candles, and Some Kind of Wonderful, my 80’s cult classic of the week was Pretty in Pink.

Yes, that is Jon Cryer of Two and a Half Man fame, 20 years younger; and yeah, the poster girl of 80’s teen angst Molly Ringwald is reincarnated again in this John Hughes (may he rest in peace) masterpiece about the disparities and social barriers between the rich and the poor. James Spader makes a noteworthy cameo as the dastardly rich playboy with the bad attitude a la Chuck Bass in this movie as well.

I am also in the midst of completing the last season of Prison Break; I mean, I followed the first three seasons religiously but refused to even give the fourth season a chance after the awfully mediocre third season, so I guess since I have time on my hands, I’d give the Final Break a try. I have not been disappointed so far, even my dad is watching it; nothing like the first season which was the single most exhilarating on TV, but close in terms of excitement and human flaws.

And you say communication students only sit around watching television and movies. Bah!

PS: We listen to music too. Go pop culture!