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Well, to say that I have not been blogging lately is an understatement; it has been more than two weeks since I posted anything on this blog and even as I type random words with the keyboard I still don’t really know what I am gonna write about, so this is gonna be a pretty random update.

Akil, Michelle, Kenneth, and I attended the Malaysian Students’ Leaders Summit (MSLS) organised by the UKEC at Nikko Hotel last weekend. It was great that I got to catch up with former HELP friends such as Wai Shan, Tian Huey, and Chrystal who were all there in one capacity or another; and oh, I met Sook Hui too. No photos though since Michelle *ehem* has not posted any yet. Listening to Khairy Jamaluddin and Tun Mahathir presenting and debating was awesome. And most importantly, there was free food.

Genting Highlands, one of the sponsors for MSLS, gave away star-shaped stress balls, and Akil has grown attached to his, as seen here with its new paper boat. Classes started two weeks ago, and as you can see, they can get pretty boring pretty fast.

I have been sick since the start of the month, alternating between flu and fever, but nothing too serious. I was on the way towards full recovery before I had ayam bertutu with Samantha at Ole-Ole Bali; the dish was delightfully delicious but heaty nonetheless.

Oh, and I pierced my left ear more than two weeks ago, so I guess technically it should have been included in the Lenka showcase post, but yeah who cares right. Thanks Si Yan for being there as the lady punctured my ear with a humongous gun thingy.

Oh and I totally bumped into Jia Yee at the ear-piercing place, so she got to see the historical moment as well.

I also went for MTV World Stage at Sunway Lagoon yesterday, so I will update once I get the photos from Michelle *wink wink* I also just discovered that my Twitter has been untouched for nearly two weeks now, oh the travesty.

PS: I have a confession to make, even if I got the photos from Michelle I still would not have blogged about MSLS and MTV World Stage extensively. There, I said it. So yeah, chronicles of a very lazy blogger.

PPS: As you can see, I was even too lazy to even take a picture of my own phone. So sue me.