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“It’s supposed to be a challenge, that’s why they call it a shortcut. If it was easy it would just be the way.” – Rubin from the movie Roadtrip

For the record, we took no short-cuts; hell, if what we took was not the long-cut, I don’t know what is.

On Wednesday morning, after barely 24 hours’ notice and barely any planning at all, six friends and I headed out onto the open road in an Innova to Cameron Highlands.

After what seemed like an eternity on the road, especially with the Mandarin music in the background, we reached Tanah Rata and immediately searched for a place to stay.

After some phone calls, Melvin managed to get us a bungalow for RM40 per night per person, and the awesome thing was that the top floor in which we were renting had seven beds in three separate rooms, just right for all of us guys and girls!

We headed over to T-Cafe for brunch on day two and day three. It came highly-recommended from some travel websites, so after the steamboat debacle (which will be revealed in a later post) from the night before, we were craving for some good food.

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For day two, I ordered the Homemade Special beef lasagna, a strawberry fruity scone, and fresh apple juice.

Zhen Long ordered a cuppa hot chocolate, seen here with my absolutely refreshing apple juice.

The beef lasagna was simply delicious, though I was initially put off by the insane amount of shredded carrots in between the scrumptious cheese.

The shredded beef pieces were on the little side, but it was an interesting touch to add beef bacon in the midst of the cheese, beef pieces, and carrots. All in all, the ingredients complemented one another to produce a very healthy and tasty beef lasagna.

The strawberry fruity scone, which T-Cafe claims to be the only one in Cameron Highlands, was simplicity at its best. Little strawberries were baked into the scone and served along with cream; the result: a sweet delight.

Zhen Long subsequently ordered apple pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and boy, it was scrumptious beyond description.

I am glad we stopped by T-Cafe; the old-fashion restaurant’s walls cry out in unison to invite us to a place which looks so familiar, so homey, we instantly felt comfortable in a locale we had never set foot before.

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There were antiques on the window-paint as well as old Archie comics on the shelf.

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Oh, and read this framed work of comedic art! Priceless *wipe tear off eye*

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But most importantly, everyone enjoyed the food to complement the gorgeously serene and tranquil atmosphere.

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After that, we continued on at the honey farm and the cactus farm (which will be revealed in another later post) before heading over to the Big Red Strawberry farm.

We found the strawberry Popsicle which Huey May and I were craving for the whole trip. Gosh, strawberry heaven in an icy stick!

After that, we left for Strawberry Moments across the street.

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Strawberry Moments, for all its promise and graphically-enticing website, was disappointing in every sense of the word. We came into the restaurant with high expectations following recommendations from the travel website, but the strawberry strudels which we ordered were scandalously sub-par.

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The strawberries were not fresh while the pastry tasted stale; not good at all! In the end, the strudels were used more as props for cam-whoring than of eating =p

At least the fish and wedges were alright though.

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Following the major disappointment of Strawberry Moments, we found solace in the bungalow with hot cup instant noodles and a round of Penang Monopoly.

More stories from the road to come, but there is a lesson learned amongst all these strawberries. Strawberries can be sweet, can be juicy, can be sour, and can be downright bitter at times, and you can never tell its content from its size or moniker. Life is like a strawberry; ride the wave of sweetness, enjoy the sugary temptations, forget the sour moments, and don’t flinch from the bitterness. Most importantly, don’t take too long to eat that strawberry for it may be soft and juice-less and squishy by then.

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so dear readers, have a very berry strawberry day today =)