Watch this movie.

It is called the Teenage Textbook and is based on the novel of the same name as well as the novel’s sequel the Teenage Workbook. The two Adrian Tan-written novels (yes, by a Singaporean) from the late 80’s are two of my favourite and most-read books of all-time.

Gone are all the alien and unbelievably cliched Western high-school cultures from Sweet Valley High (which I read when I was much younger by the way); the Teenage Textbook and the Teenage Workbook are purely Singaporean-based scenarios about Singaporean teenagers and their misadventures in love and life.

I have been looking for the movie for years (since I was 13 when I first read the books incidentally), and I thank YouTube for the lovely movie although I prefer the book version better. I mean, one and a half hours of film to replace two full-fledged plots and story-lines was always going to be difficult, but it was a nice movie experience for a fanboy nonetheless.

So what ya waiting for?

Mui Ee, Sissy, Daniel, Kok Sean, and Chung Kai are waiting =)