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It does not really bode well for Christian Bale when his last two supporting stars outshone him in the past two summers.

First, it was the late and still missed Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight in 2008, and this year, it is the turn of Sam Worthington to make Bale’s John Connor in Terminator Salvation a mere sideshow.

It was easy to get lost amid the heated war of survival between men and machine, but Worthington’s portrayal of human-cum-robot Marcus Wright took my breath away, leaving Connor and the rest of the Resistance redundant.

Like every other Terminator movie, you have to understand that John Connor is searching for his father Kyle Reese who at present is a teenager but is sent back in time to protect his mum Sarah Connor and of course have sex with said mum to conceive Connor, so yeah, now we got the basic (?) conundrum figured out, we can get on with the movie.

With that really weird son-older-than-father relationship as the backdrop to the whole I-have-to-make-sure-my-dad-does-not-get-killed-by-Skynet-or-I-will-ceased-to-exist plot, I was half expecting grown up John Connor to say to teenage Kyle Reese in a pseudo-Darth Vader voice “Kyle, I am your son!”.

Jokes aside, Terminator Salvation is pretty awesome. The choice of using a fuzzy high contrast brown tone made the Earth in 2018 look post-apocalyptic, a welcome change from all the generic dark and shadowy movies of the past few years. Of course, like I said previously, Sam Worthington made me feel an ounce of sadness for the very confused Marcus, who thinks he is a man when in actual fact he has robotic parts following Skynet’s overhaul of his dead body after he was executed in prison.

So yes, watch Terminator Salvation and believe the hype. Besides, you get to see a cameo of a very naked Arnold the Governor of California.

PS: I finally added another Chuck Taylors to my ever-expanding band of sneakers, this time in a beige multi-eyelets style.

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I swear I will get those multi-eyelets tied up pretty awesomely soon cause I just kept getting tangled up.

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The only question is whether this high-tops can dethrone my other Chuck Taylors American flag low-tops as my number one go-to-shoe, only time will tell =p