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What have some of my friends and I been up to lately?

Well, we have been preparing for the first-ever SEARCH conference, an international conference regarding research in the field of communication organized by the School of Communication at Taylor’s College.

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And I, together with 8 of my classmates and friends and in Akil’s case housemates, will be presenting at the aforementioned conference. What a thrill!

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SEARCH is the acronym for South East Asian Research centre for Communication and Humanities, and lecturers and professors from around the globe, most notably our counterparts from our affiliate the University of South Australia will be attending and presenting at Sheraton Subang this Friday and Saturday.

I will be presenting in the same parallel session as Kenneth, with three other presentations sandwiched between us.

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What am I presenting about exactly?

My topic is actually titled “Participatory Democracy in Web 2.0: The Rise of Democracy 2.0”, and here is the abstract for my presentation from the official conference program.

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I am seriously looking forward to this conference; too bad it is a closed conference. Updates and hopefully pictures from the conference soon, and yeah, as evident by this blog post, long live Web 2.0!

PS: Go Manchester United!