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Yeah, you guys would have noticed that I took out some of my posts, notably the Lee Hom concert as well as the Genting and Penang holiday posts. It seems that my image uploading service Free Image.net is no longer on the net for some apparent reason, so until I rectify that photo-AWOL problem, I will be a few posts-short.

But through some random twist of fate yesterday, I was in the cinema watching Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian instead of on the train home to Seremban. And you know what, in the midst of so many toothless comedies this year, this sequel starring Ben Stiller, Amy Adams, Hank Azaria, amongst others, is pretty entertaining.

With so many comedic class-acts in this movie, one (me included) might think that laugh-out-loud moments are inevitable in this Shawn Levy-directed follow-up to the 2007 effort, but the laughs were slow to come in the early scenes of the movie. The important thing is that they did come, and they came in relentless fashion.

Once you get past some deadpan jokes and illogical utterances, you get to enjoy the new cast of museum exhibits, especially Adam’s sassy and flirty Amelia Earhart, as well as some familiar faces, most notably Steve Coogan’s goofy Roman emperor Octavius.

Sure, The Battle of the Smithsonian is not as funny as its initially fresh predecessor, but with memorable cameos from Azaria (who plays Kah Mun Rah and voices The Thinker and Abraham Lincoln) and Adams, you’d be hard-pressed not to enjoy your one and a half hours of a history lesson meets comedy session.

This week also marks the end of most American TV series seasons. While some were absolutely awesome and left me wanting to go straight to the new season (Chuck for example), some just left me underwhelmed (*ehem* 90210 *ehem*).

I seriously cannot wait for Fall and some good new series and some awesome continuing ones. And hopefully, we will finally be able to finally Meet the Mother (though I am not holding my breath).

To America, you sure know good addictive TV, cheers!

PS: When I am done rescuing all my AWOL photos, there will be a huge revelation on my blog, it will remain a secret, but let’s just say it has something to do with my Indie blogger status =p

PPS: Kris won, boo hoo.