Now where was I?

Oh yeah, the beyond awesome fireworks.

We were escorted to the entrance right outside the main entrance to watch the fireworks which was kinda cool when everyone else had to watch from the car-park. Our spot was barricaded; how glamorous is that? My five minutes of fame no doubt.

But nothing in the press kit warned us about the chilly Genting weather at midnight. Hell, even with my trusty military jacket, I was shivering!

And nothing in the press warned us that we were standing right next to where the fireworks were being shot out. I mean, Joyce nearly lost her eye! Alright, exaggeration, but still, something did go into her eye.

But overall, excellent fireworks display.

And for our exemplary reaction to beautiful fireworks (we clap, cheered, and cam-whored), Genting further rewarded us with a RM25 meal voucher at the Bakery.

Plus another Reserved Bloggers sign!

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The cakes were pretty awesome.

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The chicken pie was doubly awesome.

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But alas, the hot chocolate tasted more like chocolate-coloured milk.

The picture is pre-dipped and melted chocolate by the way, so it is still white cause it is milk.

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And at 2 a.m., while most of the others adjourned to the casino, I put my two single beds together for a nice semi queen-sized bed, and watch a re-run of Grey’s Anatomy.

That’s the beauty of Genting, there is a little bit of everything. I might not have liked the roller-coasters, but the Air Venture was “slow” enough for me. The meals were lovely, the buffet dinner at the Coffee terrace and the 7-course Chinese lunch on Day 2 especially, and the fireworks display was out of this world.

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And best of all, after all the shenanigans and laughter and sweat from the whole day, there is still a nice room waiting for you, with McDreamy and McSteamy as entertainment.

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PS: For those of you who are interested, there is a S & M shop in Genting! *hint hint nudge nudge*

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