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When Genting gave us complimentary tickets for the theme park and other attractions, I was kinda bummed.

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Before you start branding me ungrateful, I would like to say that I have motion sickness, so if the bus ride up the winding roads of the Pahang mountains were not bad enough, I have to face the crazy roller-coasters.

I would kindly trade in my theme park tickets for the comforts of a spa date, and I do realize I sound like an 80 year-old man but that was not to be, so I accompanied the gang to the devastatingly terrifying Space Shot ride at the Outdoor Theme Park.

I have no idea how they did it; I even had trouble taking that video.

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Anyhow, a quick ride on the Toboggan and a brief visit to Beryl’s Chocolate Wonderland calmed my beating heart and tied-up intestines.

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Considering that everything else on this trip was free, I thought Beryl’s Chocolate Wonderland had an abundance of free chocolate to give away, but I was deeply mistaken. The kids loved to cam-whore there though.

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Apparently, couples loved cam-whoring there too.

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Alas, the chocolates had to be bought to be enjoyed, so goodbye to that.

On the way to First World, we passed a London telephone booth.

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It was pretty awesome, until I checked inside the telephone booth.

An English exterior with a truly Malaysian mind-set.

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But after that, it was adrenaline-pumping action again as we headed to First World for Air Venture, the sky-diving simulator. Again, I did not know what to expect, and the worst thing was that I desperately needed to pee at that time, so the last thing I wanted was to relieve myself all over the simulator room.

That said, I managed to restrain myself, and surprisingly, for me at least, I had loads of fun. Sure, I nearly puked when the instructor made us do crazy 360 degree spins, but hey, fun is closely associated with pain.

I desperately wanted to go for Snow World, but time was on the short side, so we headed towards Coffee Terrace for our buffer dinner.

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Overall, I was incredibly hungry, and the selection at the buffet was awesome. There were Chinese, Japanese (not that I tried), Nyonya, Western, and a whole array of other fusions available, and we all had a fine feast.

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My favourite has to be the Western buffet menu; the grilled chicken was to die for. I took plenty enough for Leonard, Adeline, and I, but in the end, I wolfed down most of it. Scrumptious beyond compare!

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EVo and Selena made their grand entrance during dinner, and soon we headed towards The Pavilion at First World for our VIP seats to watch Dreamz.

Dreamz is a pseudo-magic-illusion-dance performance, starring the only white lion in the business. I have to say, the dance displays were awesome, the colour and choreography were vivid and superb, which set the tone for an enchanting evening.

But I am sorry to say that the five prop fingers onstage at first to me looked like five penises, but hey, anyone could have gotten it wrong!

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But the most exhilarating part of the show has to be the Cage of Death, which now boasts an added fifth motorcyclist in that circular iron deathtrap. I mean, seriously, how do you even begin training and practicing for this kinda routine?

I hope the five of them have insurance.

The magic-cum-illusion section of the show was less impressive though. After awhile, it became sorta repetitive and boring. Sure, you can vanish into thin air. Sure, you can turn your assistant into a white tiger. Sure, you can get sawed in half and still be fine after. We all know that. Do you really have to show us tens of times?

Of course I did not tell Enrique Polo that when we had a private Q & A session with the animal handler after the show. I just smiled enthusiastically and nodded.

Selena and I even managed to get a free photo with the white lion cub.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg as we were then ushered towards the Labour Day fireworks display.

So many things to do, so little time. And yet, still so many questions!

How did the fireworks go? Did Joyce lose her eye because she stood too close to the fireworks? Will Joshua get home in time for his band practice? Will anyone win any money at the casino? Will EVo and Selena get a chance to use just ONE of their complimentary theme park passes?

All will be revealed in Part Dos of The Epic Genting Voyage. Until then, cheerio!