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I just came back from Genting Highlands, and boy, it was awesome. Courtesy of the Genting team (Jonathan, Eric, etc.), we managed to get complimentary one night stays, VIP tickets to the Dreamz show, theme park tickets and free food. Before I say anything else, I would like to thank Genting for everything, especially their top-notch hospitality!

We had such a blast!

Yeah, we were bloggers at work, and seeing that sign everywhere was way cool.

Lots of questions regarding this post? Why the privileges? Why us? And most importantly, who are we?

All will be answered in good time.

And also, there are tonnes of freaking high-quality pictures taken by Eu Veng, Joshua, and Derek, so yeah, still waiting. So watch this space!

So until then, I am gonna get some much-needed rest; the windy roads of Genting don’t bode well with me.

PS: Lee Hom’s concert is finally tomorrow! And I am torn between posting about this wonderful Genting Epic or the obviously gonna be fantastic concert. Well, you’ll soon find out either way =p