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The Penang-awesome-music play-list:
1) Dimmer – Bishop Allen
2) Zero – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3) Another Way In – The Rosebuds
4) Flume – Bon Iver

Wait, the Penang trip was just too awesome that I did not even need Zooey the Music Fairy (that in fact is my trusty iPod’s name) throughout the two-day event, not even during the 5 hour to-and-fro journeys with Aeroline or the van. Yes, it was THAT awesome.

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Heck, Aeroline was so grand that I had a Subway sandwich and a bottomless supply of hot milo, coffee and tea to pig on while reading my book! Riding on that comfortably bus was like going on a plane on the road; there is even a bus steward (is that what they are called?) who complies to your every whim! And motion-sickness prone me managed to finish a book in a moving object, woot!

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I reached Queensbay Mall at about 1 p.m. and met up with Leonard, Adeline, Sam, Evie, Leong, Sandra, Eu Veng and Selena a few moments later.

While Leonard went for his band’s sound-check, the rest of us sans Leong and Sandra *hint hint nudge nudge* went to get some supplies at Guardian, Watson’s, and Jusco. Jusco was a lot of laughs as we sampled food and drinks ranging from bak ku teh to Livita along the aisles; who knew being kampung would be so much fun?

After that, we rushed over to Sandra’s apartment for a quick change before attending a H-Factor meeting at T.G.I.F. where I was acting as a third-party observer. Serious times!

At 6.30 p.m., we glided our way through the Queensbay Mall shopping crowd to the main concourse area for An Honest Mistake’s Vogue for Virtue gig.

The band treated the crowd with five original tracks from their upcoming debut album. Their signature blend of fun pop-rock harmonies were enough to get us on our feet.

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After a hard day’s traveling and work, our stomachs ordered us to head over to Gurney Drive for our customary Penang feast. A feast for them, but for me, I was a slave to my sore throat and fever, and with Evie in hawkish mode, I could only have a few dabs of fried kuey tiew and fried oyster with eggs.

What was my meal you might ask? Kuey tiew soup. At least it was delicious in a non-oily healthy sorta way.

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After that, we chilled and hung out at G-Hotel which has a dark and mysterious setting with a classically stylish ambiance to boot.

Sam and Adeline had a staring contest.

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Evie was busy taking photos.

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But all of us were definitely cam-whoring.

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After what seemed like an eternity, Adeline and I finally got a picture flawless.

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And we crashed.

For more misadventures of hang-overs and tired limbs and beach bodies, Day Two will be coming up shortly.

For signs of things to come, here is a photo of us from Batu Ferringhi, taken from Eu Veng’s blog.

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Till then, cheers.