The ever-revolving conundrum of the last 24 hours: Will he or will he not go to Penang?

Forget his fever, forget his sore throat.

The record of sick-free since January was no longer in play, but he does not keep records, he breaks them.

And the answer: He will be on that bus tomorrow to Penang.

Why is he going to Penang, one might ask?

He is gonna have his Almost Famous moment, being a groupie for An Honest Mistake at their Vogue for Virtue charity event gig at Queensbay Mall on Saturday evening.

And after that, who knows? Penang is just the beginning – food, drinks, the beach, the people.

Nirvana awaits.

PS: Speaking of Almost Famous, Zooey Deschanel was in that movie! I feel like such a rotten fan for not knowing that piece of trivia.

If you have not watched this cult classic yet, where have you been all these years?

PPS: If any of my Reporting for Print (RFP) group is reading this post, don’t worry, I will be back by Monday for our presentation. Cheers!

List of things to do before 5 hour bus journey:
1) Charge PSP
2) Buy a book
3) Buy snacks

Viva La Penang!