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Yeah, first I need my caffeine fix, which in this case is a Starbucks ice-blended cafe mocha. *drool*

I actually met Albert at Starbucks when I was there with Zhen Long last Saturday, and boy was I shocked when I found out that Albert has got a girlfriend. Seriously, he does. It’s even funnier to say that I have known him since standard one, so way to go Albert!

After what must be a record 9 different homes in the past 10 months, I may have finally found my home.

But before it became my home, it was infested by cockroaches.

Akil and I had to dispose of those grotesque bugs, and armed with a can of cockroach killing spray, we killed every single disgusting one of them

“When they are all grouped together, they look like raisins.” – Akil Yunus, 2009

I did not really fancy raisins before, but after that quote, raisins are off the menu indefinitely.

But hey, I am no longer a nomad (or hobo as Grace calls me), and yes, while I may still be sleeping in a sleeping bag on Akil’s room floor today, starting tomorrow (hopefully), I will be on my mattress.

I can finally see a little bit of the light at the end of the tunnel now; just a little, but in life, you take whatever is given to you and make the most of it.

I read Benjamin’s personal message on MSN, and I found it really refreshing.

“The easiest way to get what you want is want what you already got.” – Anonymous

The world would be a better place that way.