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Firstly I have no freaking idea what is wrong with Imageshack which is totally not uploading pictures from my phone. For such a short post, it has taken me more than an hour just to complete it. Curse you to hell Imageshack.

So anyway, I got a surprise on Thursday when Leonard told me that he had a free ticket to the Sunburst Music Festival 2009 at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. I was like, empty field with sweaty teenage bodies cramped together shaking to head banging music, I’M SO THERE!

This may look like a normal ticket, but look at the price. Lucky me! And the normal ticket price is like RM203, OUCH!

A lot of things have been said about this year’s Sunburst festival as the organizers failed to capitalize on last year’s success (Incubus and John Legend were the highlights) with this year’s headliners being only modest Korn and N.E.R.D., so I really had no expectation.

It was an old Jalan Kasah housemate reunion as I went to the festival with Isaac who unfortunately had to leave early for church, Kim and Grace Wong. Here is a Sunburst effect photo of Kim and Grace.

Truth be told, I had forgotten how to use the camera on my phone, so yeah, as Grace put it, can you (me) be anymore blonde?

You know what?

Sunburst was not half bad; it was pretty decent actually.

I rocked out with the selamba-rockers from Hujan.

I was totally enchanted by Sixx, the only band remotely with a boy-girl harmony lead.

I celebrated “Klang Pride” (as Grace put it) with Bunkface.

I Ska-danced to the upbeat tempo and melodies of Gerhana Ska Cinta.

But you know what the best act was before 7 p.m.? Hands down, Cosmic Kitchen, this jazz, soul, reggae, folk band comprising of members from Ireland, Poland, Spain, Malaysia, and God knows where else. They were totally groovily awesome, especially when they finished with a Bob Marley cover. Their saxophone player was top notch, so was their percussionist and drum player. All in all, Cosmic Kitchen, kudos to you guys for making Kim, Grace and I dance to your scintillating blend of music.

Sure we left before Nidji, N.E.R.D. or Korn could perform, but who cares? Sure, Sunburst is no Pitchfork or Lollapalooza, but who’s comparing? I managed to catch up with Isaac, Kim, and Grace during our dinner at Midvalley though it was more like them catching up with me ”p

PS: It is at this sort of events that you see cool kids with their even cooler sneakers. For the first time in my life, I saw a real life John Varvatos Chuck Taylor’s All-Star, very limited edition, and very worth US$ 100. Besides that, I saw some special edition New Balance, but the star of the day – the yellow Kill Bill Onitsuka Tigers. You lucky rich bastards!

My heart melts.

PPS: Thanks Leonard and Sunburst for bringing live music back into my life, I needed it, in more ways than one. I totally cannot wait for the next gig. Thanks Isaac, Grace, and Kim for listening and giving me a good time; I so miss the house right now! The late night football watching, movie nights, cook-outs, grocery-shopping, and random conversations in the house; those were the days before everything began.