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When it comes to soul-searching, it is best to go back to the basics; no need for rash decisions or elaborate and radical changes, familiarity is key.

For me, nothing is more second nature than indie music and movies. (See, Entourage and Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series have already tuned into my TV series and novel comfort zones ”p)

I stumbled upon the Yeah Yeah Yeahs by accident, I was looking for the Joy Formidable. That’s the great thing about indie music, you may be looking for something, but the closed door leads you to something else altogether more awesome. I cannot judge yet; I am still left with no Joy Formidable.

And when I am Yeah Yeah Yeah-ed out, I turn to Frightened Rabbit, whose 2008 effort Midnight Organ Fight was nothing less than brilliant. “Quietly Now”, the Scottish band’s latest release which was recorded at a live concert, has been on repeat since Tuesday.

But the ace from the hat was Bishop Allen, whose 2009 effort Grrr will be released next month. The New York quintet are really new to me, but their charming and effortless pop jangles exude a calming Sunday morning. The band even made an appearance in Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, an indie music-centric teen romance starring Michael Cera and Kat Dennings!

Movie-wise, Colin Farrell totally rocked in In Bruges, a thriller/dark comedy/satire about three hit-men who have different ideologies and stances on life and death. Farrell, who normally plays the too-cool-for-school action slacker, stands out as the enigmatic Irishman Ray, who is suicidal after a messed up mission prior to traveling to the Belgian city. This film, though let down by a rather poor ending, boasts some witty dialogues and dry banter between the cast which leads to non-stop laughter.

To continue with the whole comedy theme of my mini movie marathon which included 80’s cult hits Sixteen Candles and Risky Business, I watched Monty Python’s Life of Brian. The 1979 film, given a 98% rating by those fresh-lovers at Rotten Tomatoes, is performed by the last best comedy troupe on the planet – the Monty Python crew. The hilarious story of Brian, a simple man who through some absurd and outrageous circumstances becomes a messiah in the Holy Land in 33 A.D. during the Roman occupation, is one of the defining movies in history which deals with the theme of blind faith and delivers a stunning parody of Jesus Christ’s life story.

This will probably be my last post before my new semester belatedly starts on Monday. Sure, it has been a pretty eventful 3 months, but I am really looking forward to my second semester at Taylor’s.

New semester. New house. New housemates. New hope. New dreams. New misadventures.