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As promised, here is the story of how I lived in the wilderness in a cottage out by the Dandenong Ranges one night during my stay at Melbourne.

So welcome to our cottage!

I forgot the name for the place where we stayed; it is supposed to be a romantic get-away bed and breakfast sorta vacation hub run by an old couple whose names I also forgot. Well, it was one month ago!

The first order of business upon check-in was to catch up on the Australian Open, and we managed to watch the Djokovic versus Roddick quarterfinal which the Serb retired from due to heat stress.

The cottage where we stayed in was pretty cool cause there is a level below to the kitchen area.

Oh yeah, the name of the place is Clarendon. Now I remember.

And regarding the bed and breakfast thing, if you wanted breakfast, you have to cook yourself, eggs and beacon were provided though. Scant consolation for a non-cook like moi.

Even the smiley faces on the eggs don’t really help one bit.

And yes, breakfast was served thanks to my sister Wei Li.

I tried making an omelet for the first time, but alas, it looked so much easier when Leonard was cooking it in Jalan Kasah.

All in all, staying in the mountains was great fun after an extended period in the city of Melbourne; the only gripe I had was that the weather at that time was really hot due to the whole record temperatures in Victoria in a century issue.

If you want peace and quiet with picturesque surroundings around you, I mean REAL peace and quiet cause if you come on weekdays you won’t see anyone at all and the shops close at 4 p.m., then this place is definitely for you!