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Hey people, Boon Ken has arrived in Melbourne!

It is nearly 9 pm in the evening now, 3 hours ahead of Malaysian time, but it is still bright as it is summer here in Australia.

The flight on Air Asia was perfectly fine except for the fact that they served dinner at 4 pm which meant that I starved for the rest of the journey because they were out of warm meals.

We reached our sister’s place at nearly 3 am today, and we left for Chapel Street at 1 pm. It was really hot today, reaching nearly 40 degrees, but we were lucky as strong winds started blowing in the late afternoon. There are plenty of shops over here at Chapel Street, but yours truly managed to get zilch on this shopping expedition.

More photos soon, but the internet connection is pretty slow and my sisters and I are having a grand time catching up with my eldest sister having moved here to Melbourne to pursue her Masters several months ago.

Anyway, I just received fantastic news about Day 3 of the Australian Open which we are attending tomorrow, but I won’t tell you what, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition of Blogging My Way Through Melbourne.

PS: I had kangaroo meat for dinner. Ask me how it taste like ”p