Seriously, if I hear another person talk about the financial crisis, the credit crunch or the economic downturn, I am going to scream bloody murder. Yes, I know, money is scarce, the world is going down in its greedy ways. Yadaa, yadaa.

With that in mind, my dad started telling me to get a dock for my beloved iPod. If you do not know already, an iPod dock would cost at least RM199 for the real lousy ones from Apple to over RM10k for the gold platted ones which could be used for Star Trek.

I opted to do one by myself since it was the holidays and in all honesty, I had nothing better to do. I prepared the material which comprised of tape, a blade, my Harry Potter chocolate frogs box, and the given iPod adapter thingy.

To be perfectly straightforward, I am lousy with things that revolve around rulers and cutting and measurements, so forgive me for being pessimistic about my chances of creating something which would actually work. I mean, ask my Living and Life Skills teachers back in high school, give me a saw and I would most likely saw the project in half.

But miraculously, 15 short minutes later, my Harry Potter chocolate frogs iPod dock was complete, and mind you, ready to be used.

Sure, it looks nothing like the cool expensive sophisticated ones from Creative, Altec Lancing and Logitech, and it does not have any impressive features like wireless or bluetooth surround sound, and horrors, it does not have a remote control, but it feels like home and it does its primary job of . And I can find solace in the fact that nobody else in this mass produced world has the exact same dock as I have.

Sure, I would love to have a much more savvy and awe-inspiring dock with all the bells and whistles, but the Harry Potter chocolate frog iPod dock will do for now.