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I went to watch Igor today with Yen at Jusco, and boy, was it entertaining.

Sure, it was cliche, and a little far-fetched considering that John Cusack’s voiced-over Igor’s dream is to become a mad scientist. The ending cringed me to death, but seriously, if you have to, go to a cinema near you and catch a glimpse of Steve Buscemi’s character – Scamper.

The suicidal and devilishly sarcastic rabbit from the dead will knock your socks off.

And yes, Twilight opens tomorrow! I don’t care about the woeful reviews and damning verdicts, I am gonna watch that film if it is the last thing I do.

In music news, I just read Amazon’s top albums of the year (even though I don’t agree that Kings of Leon should be number one), and I just realized that it has truly been a great year musically for me. Exposed to indie whilst still listening to solid mainstream sounds (which are few and far between mind you), I am currently utilizing the holidays to really start catching up on my albums which I have sadly been unable to do recently with the glut of assignments.

And tell you what, I am totally loving Bodies of Water’s A Certain Feeling which is totally awesome. The band’s famous four-part harmonies is reminiscent of the monumentally majestic Mates of State, but BoW is more folk-ish. I am liking what I am hearing so far on this record, and I am sure it will feature high on the list of my favourite albums this year if I ever feel like making one.

Next on my to-listen list is M83 (rated quite highly by Amazon mind you) since I really feel like some snazzy electronic pop, but I still wanna find time to give Fleet Foxes another listen (for the benefit of Grace).

Here’s to a year of often magnificent music!