One thing you gotta know about Quarantine, it’s make you dizzy. Dizzy not in a good way, dizzy in a I-wanna-puke-way. It is just one of those Blair Witch Projects spin-offs. Anyone who has watched Cloverfield would understand the excruciating ordeal of watching a movie based on the cameraman’s point of view.

Seriously, after just the start, I got so nauseaous it was unbelievable. The worst thing was that I could stomach the scary parts, it was not scary per se cause it was more gory and gruesome than scary.

The worst was yet to come I am afraid. Quarantine became the first movie I left before the end credits cause I was really suffering from motion sickness.

This is just a disclaimer to people like me, who suffer from an annoying bitch called motion sickness. Trust me, Quarantine is a awesome film, according to my friend Akil anyway who managed to stay on till the end, if you like adrenaline pumping camera swinging action.

Go watch it, just don’t throw up ”P