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I know, my posts recently have been really impersonal and mostly about movies. My life at Taylor’s in recent months have been about my girlfriend Yen, music, movies and assignments. Well, now I turn to songs.

I went through a few albums recently, in hopes of replacing some of my staple albums which have been on my iPod on repeat recently such as the absolutely awesome Mates of State record to name but one.

And following disappointment after disappointment, I was about to throw in the towel. I really did not get the highly-rated Department of Eagle and the TV on The Radio, so I was ready to stick to the albums which have treated me in the past year, but lo and behold, I came across The Fratellis.

The Fratellis are an alternative rock band from Scotland, and I was really taken in by their fun and infectious rock tunes which was apparent in their debut album “Costello Music”. I give their first single off that 2006 record “Chelsea Daggers” two thumbs up, and I was expecting a whole compliment of songs which could not possibly live up to the imperious rock standards set by “Chelsea Daggers”. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised.

I have been living in 2006 this year as I have engulfed myself religiously with Belle and Sebastian’s “Life Pursuit”, but I really did not expect to fall in love with “Costello Music” and its songs’ unbelievably fantastic choruses so soon.

“Baby Fratelli” and “Country Boys & City Girls” are not far behind in the rock stakes as the whole album is filled with interesting and fast-paced Glasgow beats that make the band stand out in an overpopulated genre.

After that, I was so hyped up to give their 2008 effort “Here We Stand” a listen, but alas, even though these are still early days as I have only given it a skim, it does not manage to live up to “Costello Music”, but I am ready to be proved wrong with more listens. The singles off the albums sound like you have heard them before as I am somewhat disappointed by the band’s seemingly abandonment of their originality, but it is still early days.

And that won’t stop me from gushing about this three-piece band.

PS: Was it just me or did Halloween just come and go without any bang? And Star World, the Simpsons Halloween Specials marathon is getting really old.