To some, it is the end of an era. To others, it is the time when the kids of High School Musical finally left the stage for good.

It was only fitting somehow that the final installment of the hugely popular franchise would don the big screen for the first time.

Will it shine brightly like a beacon in the mold of the original when it burst onto the scene a few years ago? Or will it fall flat, in my opinion, like the second movie?

After watching High School Musical 3: Senior Year at MBO, Terminal 2 today, the verdict is:

*drum roll*

It pales in comparison to the first movie, outstrips the second, but the songs on the soundtrack lack punch and sound too much alike to really make an impression. That said, Kenny Ortega’s choreography will blow you mind, and Senior Year will provide a perfect closure to fans who have followed Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor, Sharpay, and Ryan throughout the years.

The plot, as usual, is very predictable, but this time, unlike the second film, the movie is logical and more believable. That said, my only gripe about this installment is the fact that the soundtrack has no iconic songs like the previous High School Musical movies. The first movie soundtrack boasted successful hits such as Breaking Free and We are all in this Together whilst the second movie, no matter how insipid and woeful it was, provided a soundtrack filled with unforgettable tunes such as What Time is it and Fabulous. Senior Year , however, failed to offer infectious songs like its predecessors in that respect.

Senior Year offers nothing new, but it is considerably better than all the movies that I have watch lately. High School Musical has gone a long way since it premiered on Disney Channel, and it has become a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon, so it will be ludicrous to miss out on the graduation of the next generation of Disney stars – Zac Efron, Ashley Tinsdale, and Vanessa Hudgens as their next task would be to burst out of their comfort zone and shake off the tag of Disney kids.