Yeah, I know, weeds are growing in my blog, but here it is, my long-awaited update!

Last Friday, my friends and I took the opportunity of not having any classes to go for a paint-ball session near SJMC.

Here is the picture of us before the first round of games. We had to listen to a briefing and suit up before that.

This means war, people! And yes, this is me in my ganas shooter pose.

All in all, we had five rounds, and by then we were already dead tired.

The one who got hit the hardest was Kon Keon, but he will survive. Me? Well, only one bruise on my thigh and a lucky headshot which hit my right ear from Kon Keon.

We were literally soaking in sweat after the dust had settled.

But we still had time and energy to go target-practising at the shooting ring.

After that, we cam-whored post-paint-ball style ”p

It was excellent fun although my legs are still in agony due to the fact that I have not ran that hard since HMC camp last year. Yeah, I know, EXERCISE!

The girls still had time to take one more shot while Edmund unbuckles his shorts.

Anyway, here is to more paint-ball sessions in the assignment-less future ”)