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Yeah, another September and another new batch of iPods courtesy of our money-sucking friends at Apple.

The iPod Nano receives the biggest overhaul as the player, in its fourth generation, reverts back to its longish iPod Mini-like look following last year’s short and square design.

It now comes in 9 colours, and the highest capacity has now doubled to 16GB.

But I will stick to my beloved third generation Red Product iPod Nano anytime. Built-in accelerometer? Shake-to-shuffle? I never liked to make my “fatty” exercise that much anyway.

Better luck in making me shell out my money for an unnecessary upgrade next year Apple! I dare you. Even though I still heart you.

The prices for last year’s iPods have all been slashed significantly, so if you want to be a total techno-dong then grab the units before they are phased out.

But if you want to be a techno-stud, these are the prices of the iPod class of 2008.

Somehow, the second generation Touch seems really enticing now.

Note: The prices and images are courtesy of Machines Malaysia.