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After spending 2.5 hours waiting for the bus on three separate days to go to Taylor’s from USJ, I just realized how pivotal having a good play-list of music is even though I am still very much pissed at having to idle so long. So here I am sharing 10 tracks which just about saved my sanity throughout this torrid public transport debacle week:

1) Time To Pretend – MGMT

Probably most commonly known as the theme song for the movie “21”, “Time To Pretend” by the Converse-supporting MGMT is an electro-rock heavyweight in its own right. Off their debut LP “Oracular Spectacular”, the song really gives me the chills every time I listen to its majestic opening.

2) Funny Little Frog – Belle And Sebastian

If you do not know it already, I simple adore Belle And Sebastian, especially 2006’s “Life Pursuit” which resulted in amazing pop tunes like “Funny Little Frog”. Generally regarded as one of the best indie pop bands in the business by critics and fans alike, this Scottish masterclass produced a fantastic love song in “Funny Little Frog”, which shines as a non-emo and fun-sounding romance-themed track. The song simply makes you want to jump up, dance, and kiss anyone in sight, and that is the power of Belle And Sebastian.

3) Golden Skans – The Klaxons

I actually first came into knowledge of this song when I listened to the Kaiser Chiefs’ cover during BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, and I have been in love with it ever since. Boosting an incredible dance rock range, the Klaxons, who hail from London, produced one of last year’s most-loved dance anthems in “Golden Skans”.

4) Why Do You Let Me Stay Here – She & Him

I have a thing for retro-sounding 60’s pop-rock, and She & Him are one of the bands in recent times who have been able to charm me with sounds reminiscent of the good old non-manufactured days, the other bands being The Pipettes and Camera Obscura. The video is disturbingly cute.

5) Pull Shapes – The Pipettes

The Pipettes remind me of a time when Diana Ross and The Supremes were at the stop of the musical pile, but I am so very disappointed that the original three band members have left the group. I would have loved to catch one of their live shows which are famed for them performing in matching pooka dot designs and synchronized dance moves.

6) Die Die Die – The Avett Brothers

If you even remotely enjoyed the Juno soundtrack, you will love this song. It was love at first hearing when I sampled this song off their 2007 album “Emotionalism”, and its folk-y jangles have made its way to my very own personal musical hall of fame. Seth and Scott Avett, thank you for the fabulous bluegrass!

7) Naive – The Kooks

Off the UK rock band’s critically-acclaimed 2006 debut “Inside In/Outside In”, Naive is one of those songs you just cannot get out of your head, especially when the likes of Lily Allen and Kate Nash have already covered this hugely-popular song.

8) Sweet Temptation – Lillix

Lillix are one of my all-time favourite bands ever since my dad gave me an MP3 player and my sister introduced me to ARES way back in 2003. “Sweet Temptation” is the first single off their second studio album “Inside The Hollow”, and is a rock tune that you can dance to. Plagued by constant upheavals in the band’s line-up, the Canadian rock band more famously known for “What I Like About You” which appeared in the movie “Freaky Friday” has recently announced that they are working on their third album. Yay!

9) Young Love – Mystery Jets (Featuring Laura Marling)

A song about young love, yeah, pretty obvious. A song you can sing along with that tells the story of a guy who loses the number of a girl when the rain washes the digits off his hand. A desperate search for her ensues. Mystery Jets, who recently did a solid cover of Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love”, team up with songstress Laura Marling for this great pop track, which also has a great dance remix by Shoes.

10) Invisible – Modest Mouse

The opening of this song kills me every time, classic Johnny Marr, a genius with a six-string. “Invisible” is my favourite track off 2007’s “We Were Dead Before The Ship Sank” and one of my favourite rock songs of all time.

Yeah, so mainly my week has been spent trying in vain not to be late in class, and I also met up with a couple of friends who I have not seen in a long time who are in Taylor’s, namely Helina and Lih Fern. I will be moving again next week to Mentari, which is just next to my campus. Thank God!

To make matters worse, my bus back to Seremban yesterday broke down as well. Curse you buses!

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy my selection of songs.

Kudos to great music!