Let me introduce you to someone so cute and so important that if I lost her, I would forever be on the University of South Australia’s blacklist of people to kill.



She is UniSA’s mascot, and my friend Boon, seen here with Sudan, volunteered to kangaroo-sit her for the day.

Boon was in-charge of her of course, and we had so many ideas of poses she could do.

Here are some of the stuff we made her do during lunch.

After awhile, we just got bored and began a game of pool.

And finally, some semblance of consistent sporting events is finally back following a couple of months of post-EURO 2008 hangovers and on-off ATP Masters Series.

First up, the Olympics!

Yeah, I seriously cannot wait for the China versus USA basketball match-up tomorrow plus volleyball, badminton, soccer, and tennis are mouth-watering prospects as well.

Way to kick back into sporting mode, August! Boo-yah!