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First of all, not having internet connection really sucks and that is what is currently befalling me. The inability to stalk my friends through Facebook or MSN totally blows; the situation that bugs me the most however is the frequency of my blog updates, which is presently a miserly once a week.

But let’s put the whole woe-is-me melodrama aside and talk about Panic At The Disco, whom I managed to catch live in concert on Tuesday night at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil. A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out was Panic’s 2005 debut album which propelled them to Billboard stardom, but honestly, I did not really take notice of the Las Vegas natives until this year when Pretty. Odd. , their follow-up effort, blew my mind with a collection of 60’s rock meet contemporary folk tunes. Suffice to say, it was a far cry from the band’s famous over-the-top electro-rock sound as earlier fans were left disappointed by the 180 degree change in genre.

The quartet’s musical philosophy may have evolved over the past few years, but one fact remains the same – they are rock-stars live. Local rock band One Buck Shot warmed up the stage for half an hour before the main acts belatedly showed up at 8:30 p.m. to delirious shouts from the restless crowd. Brendon and company broke the ice with We’re So Starving before treating fans to Nine In The Afternoon, the first single off their second record.

They continued to churn out song after song from their two albums with That Green Gentleman, But It’s Better If You Do, The Only Difference Between Martydom And Suicide Is Press Coverage as well as She’s A Handsome Woman proving to be crowd-pleasers. However, the most dazzling performance of the night must be the song that paved their road toward stardom – I Write Sins, Not Tragedies as Brendon, the 21-year-old lead singer, allowed the visibly energized fans to shout out the entire first verse of their first hit single!

Truth be told, the concert was breathtaking, but two facets disappointed my sister and I plus many other Panic fans. The number one issue was the fact that the concert lasted a shade more than an hour which means that we had to pay around RM1 for each minute they were onstage; secondly, where did their signature extravagant costumes and majestic live set-ups go? Granted, the turn-out was pretty woeful, but the finger should be solely pointed at the lackadaisical nature of the publicity team and organizers as not enough hype was generated in time to make a big enough impact on the Malaysian music scene as we, the people who purchased the tickets, no matter how few of us, deserve a show of epic proportions scaling the heights of the band’s many glittering and magnificent tours across the globe.

That said, I enjoyed every minute of Panic At The Disco live in Malaysia even though it was rather short-lived, but when all factors are taken into consideration, with or without the exclamation mark in the band name, they are Pretty. Awesome.

PS: Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of my latest purchase – the Nike Rejuven8 Five Rings special Olympic edition set. Drool worthy I know, and they are extremely comfortable too. It may take sometime to break into as the exterior cage technology slowly molds along with the shape of my legs while the sole is based on the Nike Free.