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Dear friends,

The person you know as Boon Ken is now officially a Taylor’s College student. This is news to you as much as it is news to me. Last Friday, Taylor’s called me to inform me that I have been offered a full scholarship to pursue a three-year degree in the Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Management) by the University of South Australia. I just returned from the School of Communication campus at Leisure Commerce Square after attending the orientation yesterday, and this week has been a hectic mix of taking public transport to Taylor’s PJ, HELP University College, my house in Medan Damansara as well as Seremban in order to settle everything everywhere.

I leave HELP University College with an abundance of memories to last the next three years of my degree life which will now be spent instead at the Sunway area. I thank everyone for spicing up my Foundation in Arts program last year as well as two excruciatingly mediocre semesters in the Bachelor of Communication program, and I apologize for not being able to bid farewell personally to some of my friends. The last-minute nature of my scholarship award has made even the easiest of tasks difficult due to the lack of time as well as transportation due to my dad’s untimely conference in Johor Bharu.

Special shout-outs to my house-mates Leonard, Isaac, Charlene, Kim, and Grace for making my one-month stay a brief yet fantastic one as well as my family (including my “sister” Shir Lynn in Sydney) for all the support and advice, not forgetting Zhen Long for allowing me to bunk in with him for the past couple of nights. I wish I could upload some photos of the highlights of my HELP years, but with the internet connection bordering woeful, I will have to leave that post for another day. To anyone from Taylor’s reading this post whether you know me or not, please comment and maybe we can meet up.

To many happy years at Taylor’s.

Boon Ken

PS: My past couple of days at Taylor’s have been mostly spent watching movies at Sunway Pyramid. Please refrain from watching The Mummy 3 cause it is really brainless at best, but do watch it if you wanna catch glimpses of the gorgeous Isabella Leong and if you got nothing better to do. For all Sex and the City fans, the movie version is a must-watch as it most importantly does not feel like four separate television episodes and it stays true to everything Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha.


PPS: Cecilia, or C.C. is the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia season two after she outlasted three other contestants at Ruums, KL a few hours ago, so kudos and congrats to the recipient of RM50,000 and an 8TV scholarship. You go girl!