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I have to admit, this tagging thing is really getting out of hand, especially if the following tag is like an interview for bloggers, but I shall oblige since I want to appease the Tagger Gods of the Universe.

1. Do you have a blog?
– Yeah.

2. Where is it?
– WordPress.

3. How long have you been blogging?
– I started in Form 3, originally in Xanga before shifting to Friendster. At the end of 2006, I officially moved to my current blog which you are currently reading.

4. How did you first start blogging and why?
– I got bored of normal English essay writing at school. I wanted to wander into subjects beyond the narrow confines of the classroom plus I really wanted to write more frequently in an environment where I could improve my language immensely.

5. What do you write in your blog?
– Things pertinent to me: music, pop culture, random stuff, etc. I enjoy writing about events the most, especially gigs or some cool outing with my friends. Basically anything I feel I want to remember in a decade’s time when Video Blogs will take over normal Web Logs and I am old and senile.

6. What kind of a blog is it?
– A blog that people can just go to to get a taste of a normal Malaysian young adult’s life in the city as well as his views and sometimes comedic interpretation of the world.

7. How many hits do you get a day?
– On average 50, but who’s counting?

8. Do you have pictures on your blog?
– I try to have pictures, but it is not the end of the blogger-sphere if I am picture-less.

9. Do you put your real name on your blog?
– Yeah, I don’t really believe in pseudonyms.

10. Does everyone know you have a blog?
– My family and friends do while some people from the U.K. and U.S. just drop by randomly when I talk about movies and TV shows.

11. What is your favourite blog site? Live Journal, Blogger, Xanga, or Other?
– I would say Blogger since they allow customization, but I am happy and comfortable with WordPress.

12. Who is allowed to visit your blog?
– Anyone who can read, but I welcome illiterates as well.

13. Do you want to be a famous blogger?
– I would not mind being famous as long as I don’t forget why I started blogging.

14. Is it important that you go on your blog everyday?
– Yeah, if I am online.

15. Is blogging important to you?
– Yeah, it is one of the modern day equivalents of the Social Responsibility Theory and Libertarianism, but seriously, life only happens once, so write about it, go through it, and enjoy it.