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Yeah, Liam was still around to celebrate my grandpa’s 92nd birthday at the Overseas Restaurant on Saturday. He is one bona fide camwhore, that I have to say.

But he was one irritating camwhore, that I have to say as well. If his face was not in the photo, he would wave his hand in front of the camera, but hopefully this is just one of the annoying kid phase.

This photo only included Liam cause I had too many false starts with blurry hands in front of the lens.

Either way, still a great photo though.

The reunion also signaled the return of my Singaporean cousins Hui Ghee and Ghee Chuan, who were part of the entourage to Sunway Lagoon on Friday. More about that later.

Liam was very much prepared to have a boring night at dinner, so he brought along his LEGO toys.

He also ended up sitting on the floor.

We only managed to take a picture of the first dish.

After that, we just kept on talking.

There was a simultaneous wedding outside our private room, so Ghee Chuan and I decided to check it out.

Uncle Bobby: They are happy now, wait till five years from now, and the bride will regret she ever got married.
Ghee Chuan: I think the groom should be the one regretting, his wife looks like s**t. (Turning to all of us) And it is official, we are the most attractive family in the restaurant.

I could not agree more as the wedding totally bombed.

Good thing our reunion was top-notch.

I did not manage to take much (read:any) photos of the Sunway Lagoon trip though as I was busy being submerged in water and going on rides. One ride in particular scared the living s**t out of me. Let me describe it to you.

It is a tube-shaped roller-coaster thing which goes round and round. My first roller-coaster ride, and all I remember was hanging from the sky looking directly onto the ground while shouting and screaming my lungs out. Good things it was only 30 seconds.

Before that, I went on a water slide ride with Ghee Chuan though I was still feeling drowsy following an earlier curvy slide ride. I got a bad case of motion sickness you see.

Ghee Chuan: Motion sickness only happens in curvy slides. We will go on the straight one. Let’s go!

Guess what? Motion sickness is equally as bad curvy or straight.