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I went to KLCC yesterday to help baby-sit my Ozzy cousin Liam alongside my two aunts and my sister, and boy, by the time I got back home to Jalan Kasah, I was beat.

There was a LEGO sale at Toys ‘R’ Us, and Liam, with his birthday coming up, managed to bag three totally awesome-looking (if I was a kid like him) EXO-FORCE (the latest craze Down Under it seems) LEGO sets, all at either 40 or 50 percent of.

While I was playing with him on one of the benches of KLCC, he bit me. He literally used teeth to bite the living shit out of me. I mean, is that even normal for an 8-year-old kid?

Liam wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda, but since I already watched that film before, I opted to catch the premier of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army instead. Two things surprised me: 1) don’t people need to work or study at 11 a.m.? The cinema was almost full! 2) the movie totally rocked above my expectations. The Dark Knight, amid rave reviews, will be coming out next midweek, but this midweek belongs to the red guy from hell who gets to snag Selma Blair.

We went for lunch at the Little Penang Cafe, but Liam wanted some McD’s, so my sister and I got him some McNuggets and fries. The Char Keoy Tiao was awesomely delicious!

After lunch, Liam and my aunt visited Petro Science while the rest of us tried to shop. Liam thoroughly enjoyed Petro Science which I found hard to believe, but it has been nearly a decade since I last visited that boring place.

Later on, we bought tickets for the Twin Towers Sky Bridge visit. Even though I am Malaysia, yesterday was the first time I actually went for this tour.

And for good reason too, it is beyond boring.

First, they make you sit through the introduction of Petronas and its brilliant achievements. Seriously, we were going to go up the Twin Towers and no mention of it in the intro?

We took a lift up to the 41st floor, were given eight minutes to just walk across the Skybridge, and eventually went back down to earth a minute later.

The sights were OK at best, nothing to shout about.

After that wasted time, we headed over to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. The chicken bun (pronounced boon in Vietnamese), a sort of mee hun, was extremely gorgeous, but I was really intrigued about this image on the table.

Don’t you?

More to come in the next week as we will be baby-sitting again later today at Sunway Lagoon while the weekend will be my Grandpa’s birthday celebration. Can anyone say “reunion”?

*The camera on my phone royally sucks.