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I just came back from the cinema where I watched Hancock with my house-mates Isaac and Kim; I mean literally 5 minutes after Isaac dropped me off at home, and now I am on my laptop blogging bout it.

Yeah, Hancock is Will Smith’s latest movie, but while I somewhat enjoyed the film, I really think Hancock could have and should have been much better than the end product.

Hancock is a superhero with a twist. Take Spiderman’s wit and sarcasm and add them up with a foul-mouth Wolverine, and you get Hancock, the hero everybody loves to hate. Hancock is the epitome of an antihero; he is an impulsive alcoholic with anger management issues who does not give a shit about superhero costumes or bedside manner.

*I would like to say kudos to the Malaysian censorship board for erasing all utterances of “assholes” from the movie but keeping f**k and obscene gestures in the flick. As Hancock would say, “Good job!”

His world changes when he saves unsuccessful PR consultant Ray, played by Jason Bateman, from being run down by an oncoming train. Ray vows to change the public perception of Hancock, but first, Hancock must go to jail after being charged with property damages, civilian endangerment, etc. which reminds me of Marvel’s Civil War last year.

*Marvel’s Civil War is about a face-off between two factions of superheroes led by Captain America and Iron Man when the American President passes a bill called the Superhero Registration Act which orders superheroes to register their identities with the government following cases of superhero damages to the city.

So yes, our misunderstood hero agrees to go to jail, turn over a new leaf, and don a Wolverine-like tight suit to fight crime and ultimately becomes the darling of the public, the protector of peace.

The end.

If only it were that simple.

After that, the movie for me sorta loses its focus as it shifts its angle from fallen superhero to some supernatural immortal nonsense which just got to darn complicated.

Yeah people, no spoilers. I shit you not.

Hancock is a movie which stars Hollywood juggernauts Will Smith and Charlize Theron, starts off in the most prodigious of fashion, but in the end, when it needed to stay real, the film fizzles out no thanks to the decision to make it an action blockbuster.