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Yeah well, I have not blogged for nearly a week now, and boy, do I have updates for you Boon Ken-starved people out there.

First of all, The Good, The Bad And The Plain Old Lazy has just celebrated 10,000 visitors sometime last week, so thanks for spamming my blog like hell, and hopefully, by the time 20,000 visitors roll around, this site will finally be worth reading!

I have been busy the last couple of days baby-sitting a very special twerp, someone who is from the Land Down Under. *drum roll* My Aussie-Malaysian cousin Liam!

He is still only 8-years-old, and he is still the same little rascal like I remembered two years ago, but the difference is this time, his kicks actually hurt.

He has graduated from Bob the Builder to Ben Ten, and he is really into Lego sets and story books right now which is great to hear.

He is even more observant, judging from this conversation I had with him while we were watching Kampung Boy (weekend TV is really woefully).

Mat (that annoying kid from Kampung Boy): When will you ever learn?
Boon Ken (that kid who was just trying to be annoying): Liam, when will you ever learn?
Liam (that Aussie kid who could not help but be annoying): Ken Ken, when will you learn to cut your hair?
Boon Ken: *stunned*

Third thing would be that, I just found out about a huge revelation, something so significant that it could well change the world.

Lately, I have been lethargic, feeling really disillusioned with life, not wanting to do anything at all to halt my comfort zone.

People, I have just found out that I was suffering from a mild bout of depression. Nope, not that I wanna kill myself right away depression. The other kind. Anyway, I have depression and I wanna get better.

I have also found the root of my depression – my former house.

It was so dark, so gloomy, so lifeless that I think it somehow affected me as well. My now former landlord was a grumpy and bitter old lady whose nastiness can only be equaled by my current landlord. Anyway, that is in the past, and hopefully, the Boon Ken of the last six months will also cease to exist.

I apologize to anyone who might feel slighted and disappointed by my current condition, and my only excuse is that besides the whole accommodation bumming me down situation, degree life has not been to my expectations. I wanted a chilled-out life, but somehow, after six months of below par education and zero obstacles, I have just realized something really important about myself – I love challenges. Without challenges, I am nothing more than a pale imitation of my former exuberant self, so bear with me.

Hopefully, the future will shine a lot brighter than the present.

Maybe Liam will have something to say about this…