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Aren’t those just gorgeous? I mean, so Chuck Taylor-esque, yet so different. These Hi-top sneakers are from Raf Simons. Just ignore these post as you know, from time to time, I just insert a whimsical post about what I want to and feel like buying, and so far, once it appears on my blog, I have never bought it ever. So much for that dream, and I don’t even know how much this pair of “dipped” shoes costs.

And also, from time to time, I also talk about music on my blog as you may already know. I am now taking a liking to Katy Perry, Christian girl-turned-rocker.

Her latest album “One of the Boys” have been getting a lot of attention on the Billboard Charts and Last.FM recently with her hit single “I Kissed A Girl” proving to be a bona-fide chart beater. Her music is reminiscent of Skye Sweetnam before her ill-fated second album with a tinge of an angst-filled Avril Lavigne plus a more rock-ish vibe. Other noteworthy tracks off the album are “UR So Gay” and the title song “One of the Boys”.

Katy Perry is in a long line of near-Katy-named female artistes who I absolutely adore with the likes of KT Tunstall, Katie Melua, Kate Nash, and Kate Voegele before her. Yeah, just name your daughter Kate of some sort, make her sing, and you have a guaranteed fan in Wong Boon Ken. Coincidence, I assure you.

The lovely and ravishing members of The Near-Kate-Names Club, which Kate is which?

Rock-infused teens aside, The Do have also been a fixture in my recent playlist.

Their album “A Mouthful” is the epitome of pop and is one of my favourite pop albums of the year overall with “Stay” and “Playground Hustle” proving to be a pair of soothing and lovely songs.

Yeah I know, these sorta posts are self-indulgent, so sue me.

More self-indulgent posts next time, folks. I have to get back to campus now. Damn.