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The answer to the question is: Cecilia can really dance. I mean, it was the first time I saw her moves ever, but boy, was I blown away. More on that later.

So more on Cecilia, who is currently through to the Top 18 in the second season of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia, which is aired every Thursday at 9.30 p.m. on 8TV.

Cecilia is the one in the black dress. She is a personal friend of mine who was the entertainment director for Pack the Floor for 24 and is a Bachelor of Communication student at HELP University College.

Imagine my delight when I was offered a ticket to attend the first live show of Malaysia’s premier dance reality show at Ruums last night. Take a peek, I am part of the contestant’s family!

The main entrance of Ruums was already packed to the rafters by the time Leonard, Grace Chin, Timothy, Angela, and I arrived a tad before eight p.m.

We were finally allowed to go into the spectators area at around half an hour later. The crew were still busy sorting every detail out.

The stage was already alight in anticipation for the night’s festivities and fireworks.

It was pretty cool to actually witness the dynamics of a real life live show. By the time the vast majority of fans got into the club, a guy on stage started to brief all of us on the ethics of being a live show fan. He also made us clap to check our decibel levels, all in the day’s work of a TV crew member.

It was a sense of beauty and the beast when the host Aishah Sinclair replaced the paranoid dude on stage a few moments later.

She went on the introduce the judges, who only received a lukewarm welcome from the visibly impatient crowd.

The first performance of the night was by last season’s winner (I believe) Alam.

After that was the moment everyone was sweating and cramping like a sardine can for – the top 20 contestants!

They even did a lil routine for us.

Cecilia and her partner Ray were thankfully the second couple to perform on the night. The downside was that after watching her “sizzling” performance, we had no intention of watching any other couple displaying their dancing prowess as we all know nobody can stack up to Cecilia. I mean, it is Cecilia we are talking bout here.

Basically, she received some rave reviews from the judges who loved her performance. GO CECILIA!

By eleven, all the couples’ performances were done and dusted; all that was left to be done was to announce the judges’ bottom four, two of whom with the lowest SMS votes will be eliminated on the night itself.

I find this voting format to be quite relentless and pretty bad as fans only have 20 minutes to vote and keep their favourite in the competition. 20 MINUTES! I mean, that is only one episode of How I Met Your Mother!? You laugh a lot and it’s finished, there is NO time; before you know it, 20 minutes are up!

Ahli Fiqir performed, but I was more impressed by the dancing kids in the background. They had their game faces on, but too bad they were blocked by the Ahli Fiqir singers. How dare they!

When the 20 minutes were up, it was decided that Billy and Viv were the first to be eliminated from the top 20. I was pretty bummed that Billy got sent home cause I talked to him before, and he is a really nice guy and he was unlucky that the genre for the night was not his strongest.

That said, Cecilia lived to fight, or rather, dance another day, which was all that mattered actually.

Your top 18, ladies and gentlemen!

Remember ladies and gentlemen, watch and support Cecilia on SYTYCD!!