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As the title of this post suggests, I will be away at Langkawi and Penang for my last week of holidays which means, yeah, unfortunately, my classes start on the 26th of May which also means, unfortunately, next Monday which my calculations point out is not really that far away.

Anyway, as I will be having limitless amounts of fantabulous fun under the sun and on the blush white beaches (or what is remaining of them) for the foreseeable future till Monday, this blog will not be updated, and if it is, well, it must mean that Langkawi and Penang are too boring in which case I have to seek refuge in a cyber cafe. Woe is me if that thought meets fruition.

Langkawi/Penang Escapade of 2008 promises to be an exciting and volatile trip as not only have my friends and I not planned on what are travel plans are, but we still have no idea how we are coming back to Seremban come that faithful Sunday. Well, wish us luck!

In other non-holiday related news, the dust has not even settled after a mind-blowing finale to season one of Gossip Girl and already CW have announced the Fall 2008 line-up. Way to not rest on your laurels guys!

Besides re-runs of Gossip Girl, we can expect a wide array of scrumptious-looking new shows on the block hoping to emulate if not better the hype and buzz that surrounded and still surrounds the kids from the Upper East Side. For one, I am really excited about Surviving the Filthy Rich, which is centred around Yale graduate and recently out-of-work Megan who becomes a tutor of two rich girls, and 90210, a spin off of the hit 90’s show Beverly Hills 90210.

And yeah, there are new seasons of One Tree Hill and Smallville which I could care less about, but CW’s Fall 2008 looks like a promising non-season in the life of one TV show aficionado.

Happy Holidays from the Good, the Bad, and the Plain Old Lazy; and unfortunately, I will see you guys on Monday!