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My extended family decided to plan a holiday to stay at Malacca last weekend to utilize the long Wesak Day weekend, and we stayed at the Renaissance Hotel.

The rooms were pretty small albeit with two TV sets, but not much programs though.

For our dinner, we were brought to a Malay seafood restaurant near a river by my uncle’s business associates. Apparently, the ikan bakar there is really good. I say apparently because it was not. Not only that, my grandma was not happy at all due to the fact that we had to eat the wide array of terrible seafood in disarray with nasi lemak. She is just the white rice sorta old-fashion gal.

After that, we went to Jonker Street which had nothing but a truck load of people since I don’t fancy Malacca cendul. I also realized that Malacca had the most Singaporeans outside Singapore. Go figure.

The next day, we were brought to an exclusive Teochew restaurant in Jonker Street where only 8 tables are available at one time. If you do not have a rich uncle like me, then sorry, you won’t be allowed in. The whole

We took a few photos in the hotel lobby with our Singaporean cousins before we left. Here are the least “siao” ones.

On another note, my sister bagged a new dazzling red Sony T-300 camera which is the epitome of elegant sophistication. I just cannot get enough of the brushed metal finish of the 10.1 megapixel monster. Damn, the Sony makes my Canon 860 ISUS look like an iPod Mini next to an iPod Touch!

I am so green with envy right now.