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Yeah, Don recently purchased a PlayStation3, and I was around to actually catch a glimpse of it at his crib yesterday.

To top it all off, the monster of a PS3 is paired up with a 44-inch (I think) LG TV; a potent gaming combo if I have ever seen one.

Mun Wei and Don are currently playing a cool shooter game called Army of Two.

Basically, they just blow things up and kill as many enemies as possible.

And the best thing about Army of Two is the whole pimping the weapons section. MTV should totally produce PIMP MY GUNS ASIA!

Standard to Pimped. Gold-plated and Diamond-studded ammo anyone?

Don has a selection of pretty popular titles of which I do not play at all since the game that is permanently stuck in my run-off-the-mill PS2 is Pro Evolution Winning Eleven.

And what was I doing while those two were violently taking the lives of fellow men in roaring laughter? Well, let’s just say I have the final laugh in an OSIM massaging chair.