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Holidays are bliss. Holidays are like totally glorious, you get to do things which you would normally not get the chance to do (read also: play hours worth of Football Manager and update blog whenever). Official day one of the holidays have been fantastic to say the least as I have been doing nothing except reading novels, watching sitcoms and movies, and listening to some delightful music.

One band I have been able to enjoy so far are the Decemberists, a totally cool Indie pop-folk band with some infectious tunes. I am currently giving their 2005 album Picaresque a listen, and boy, am I hooked, especially Engine Driver is just monumentally sing-along worthy with its catchy appeal.

From the band that gave you the melancholic anthem of the year Boston, Augustana, comes their follow-up album Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt. I am currently giving this sophomore effort a listen, and I have not been disappointed so far with more piano-leading singles that shy away from the more rock-infused debut Stars and Boulevards the name of the game for Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt.

Another band I have been able to take a closer at are the Last of the Shadow Puppets when I saw them on MTV. At first I thought it was an Arctic Monkeys I have not heard of (which is strange since I have their two albums and most of their covers on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge), but after some background check, the Last of the Shadow Puppets is a side-line project for Arctic Monkeys frontman, Alex Turner! That said, I still prefer the pure rock-and-roll genius of the Arctic Monkeys to the sophisticated full-fledged orchestra backing up the Last of the Shadow Puppets.

I was there when the Click Five came to Hard Rock cafe last year for a showcase, and whoop-dee-doo, they are back for more Malaysian hospitality! This time at Genting in June no less. *whisper* Don’t they have anywhere else to go? I mean, hello, every year?

Malaysia sure have not impressed as a concert nation this year with no noteworthy bands or artistes stopping by as of yet (no fanboys or girls, Click Five do not count!). I mean, I am craving for some good old fashion jump-around-shaking-our-heads-without-ecstasy-pills since KT Tunstall and Club 8 and Pelle Carlberg’s concerts I witnessed earlier this year. Come on guys, bring us Paramore!

Now that would make my holiday even better.