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It was almost a year all over again. We were all heading towards Li Kun’s place in Kepong, Don Shue was the driver, I was having motion sickness, and Cayman was our human GPS-cum-road map.

It was Li Kun’s 21st birthday, and we even got her a card.

We reached there at around 7.30 pm in one piece, and Don Shue was just feeling a wee bit girly.

After that freaky moment when Don Shue tied his hair, we also gave Li Kun her birthday present – two tortoises, a cage, and some tortoise food.

It was like a reunion of sorts for us Foundation in Arts classmates of last year as I had a decent conversation with Jwo Bin, Kok Keong, Jeck Sen, and Li Kun for the first time in ages. Yi Zhen, Mun Wei, Cayman, and Don Shue have not seen them for a long time as well, so you can imagine the banter and jokes that were thrown around on that table.

We even managed to do create even more Hu jokes than ever with Yi Zhen around (inside joke, read: Hu Yi Zhen and my earlier posts about our unlucky friend), and we even named a game show after her, called Hu Wants to be a Millionaire! The name of the game is whenever you use the word WHO in a conversation, you have to quickly shout ‘WH’ before someone else counters with a ‘HU’ or Yi Zhen will personally kill you. So far, Mun Wei is on stop of the Hu board with Kok Keong a close second with Don Shue in last place.

The birthday cake was predictably the shape of a key. Way to grow old Li Kun!

Relishing your birthday cake may be fun, but not when you get your head shoved into the cream as well, as Li Kun can testify with her brother doing the honours.

We also had our customary card game, but with a twist as empty jelly cups were used instead of chips.

Don Shue was even teaching a kid how to play, but in the end, the kid actually betrayed Don and ended up telling us all his cards, so yeah, looks like Don is not very good with children.

Happy birthday to Li Kun again!

In other news, I am finally free of the shackles of exams! Liberation here I come!

In other other news, Iron Man is totally awesome! Best movie of the year so far, narrowly beating Horton Hears a Hu (WH!)…