I finally got my hands on some cupcakes from Cupcake Chic. Amid the hype, I was extremely curious about the latest craze in Malaysia and dying to try it out.

Cupcake Chic certainty has a very sophisticated-looking box for its cupcakes; I mean, for the price I am paying which is insanely high mind you, I should really get some nice eye-candy to go with the real candy, so kudos to them, they passed the aesthetic test!

The cupcakes themselves were neatly-done, and boy, did they look delicious to start with.

First dips on the chocolate!

Truth be told, these cupcakes are probably the best I have ever tasted in my life. The texture is soft, and it is literally like stuffing sugar in your mouth. The taste magnificently lingers on, and you are left with an aftertaste of pure bliss and heaven. It passes the finger-licking-good test hands down!

The only negative side of these scrumptious cupcakes must be the price and probably the diabetic tendencies, but if you are looking for a delightful desert or just searching for something sweet to pamper yourself, then Cupcake Chic is definitely for you!